Commercial robot AGI system

Mainly applied to commercial robots, INDEMIND OS Fusion supports multi-sensor fusion architecture, and is compatible with the mainstream robotics platform in the market to meet the needs of the development of cleaning, delivery, tour guide, and security for the commercial robots.

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Module Kit

Support access and fusion of common sensors such as laser, inertial, ToF, etc., thanks to the adaptation of multi-sensor fusion architecture, so as to improve the system's environmental perception and robustness.

Commercial Robot Reference Design

Offer quasi-mass-production whole machine designs for commercial robots such as cleaning, delivery, tour guide, security, etc., helping robotics companies to quickly realize R&D and mass production.

Stable service for all scenes • Go further than AI

Real-time mapping for extra large landscape

Support whole-scene 2D map, 3D map and semantic map creation, dynamic map updates and intelligent restriction; no need for advance recording with mapping accuracy up to centimeter level, support a single 60,000 ㎡ map at one time; support multiple map storage.

Multi-mode path planning

Support work scenes including cleaning, distribution, tour guide, security and so on, providing mature path planning and intelligent decision-making operations; support path optimization mode to improve the efficiency of robot operations.

Intelligent identification

Support identification of persons, animals and various scenes semantic, glass doors (including glass turnstiles) in common commercial scenes, glass guardrails, escalators and other scenes can be effectively identified and detected.

Stereoscopic obstacle avoidance

  • Support low obstacle avoidance (floor plug, table and chair base, etc.);
  • high reflectance obstacle avoidance (glass, mirror, etc.);
  • full height obstacle avoidance (desktop, police line, etc.) to ensure the robot operates safely in complex environments.

Autonomous Safety

In highly dynamic environments, the robot is able to make real-time potential risk judgments (pedestrians, pets and fast-moving objects) and make avoidance strategies in advance based on risk classification and considerations of reliability and flexibility.

Rapid deployment

The local machine builds the map independently without re-deployment; supports multi-layer map and global scheduling; supports an intelligent ladder control system to realize flexible multi-layer operation.

Application direction

Based on different standardized module kits according to the needs of the scenes, the commercial robot AI Kit, combined with the industry's mature robot reference design, is able to quickly adapt to various types of commercial robot products, solving the key needs of enterprises' R&D end and shortening the R&D cycle.

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