Home robot AGI system

Mainly applied to home robots, INDEMIND OS Lite can adapt to pure vision sensor architectural robots, and is compatible with a variety of low-cost platforms, to meet the development demand of househol

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Abby integrated module

The binocular camera, the light supplementing unit and the computing unit are integrated to form a binocular integrated module.

Reference Design of Household Sweeping Robot

Provide a quasi-mass-production level whole machine design for household sweeping and mopping robots, support robot enterprises to quickly realize research and development and mass production.

Navigation and obstacle avoidance ALL IN ONE

Smart map

Support independent creation of 2D, 3D and semantic maps of the whole house, support dynamic updating of maps and intelligent restrictions. Support single map area ≤400㎡, and multiple map storage.

Path planning

Provide a variety of path planning modes such as border, bow, local, designated area, patrol, etc. to meet the requirements of robot operation.

Space coverage: ≥90% (laboratory environment)

Intelligent obstacle avoidance

Accurately detect low obstacles (e.g. animal waste, slippers, keychains, wires, ground plugs, etc.), high transmittance obstacles, moving obstacles, etc., and realize collision-free cleaning in a complex environment with a decreasing trapping rate.

Intelligent identification

Build semantic map based on accurate identification of the position of furniture, electrical appliances, humans and pets, scenes and other common objects thanks to visual cognition technology.

Intelligent Re-positioning

Able to realize initial re-positioning and re-positioning at work. In the home environment, stably complete the re-positioning in case of continuing sweeping after a power failure, robot "kidnapping", sensor shielding, etc.

Adaptable Environment: direct light, no light, dim light

Light adaptation

Thanks to the strong light avoidance strategy as well as the two built-in infrared light supplementing devices of brightness fill-in light and texture fill-in light (both meet the requirements of human eye safety level C1), the home robot AI Kit is able to work with no difference in special lighting environments such as direct light, no light and dim light, etc.

Natural command control

Based on the decision-making interaction technology, the sweeping robot can automatically execute the intelligent command of "target area+cleaning logic" through natural language instructions such as voice, gestures, actions, etc. For example, "clean the kitchen" can be identified as a local cleaning in the kitchen area identified on the map.

Intelligent following

Intelligent target following is realized based on object recognition together with stereoscopic vision technology. Combined with upper-level interactive instructions, the subsequent tasks will be kept on.

Application direction

Equipped with the standardized module hardware certified by the industry as well as the industry mature robot design for reference, the Home robot AI Kit lowers the robot navigation sensor layout restrictions, and adapts various types of household robot products to meet the major need of the enterprise research and development end, and shorten the research and development cycle.

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